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Big Cottonwood Rock Climbing cover

Big Cottonwood Rock Climbing

by Tony Calderone

Mountain Dreamer

Big holds and big air. Everything that matters to climbers is bigger in Utah's Big Cottonwood Canyon. 754 routes in every major crag are included. Look forward to seeing the biggest collection of Big Cottonwood topos ever compiled. 25 years of research has gone into this guide.

Sectors in alphabetical order:

Aqueduct Trail - East End22 climbs in 5 sectors
Aqueduct Trail - West End24 climbs in 5 sectors
Birches Picnic Area7 climbs in 2 sectors
Brighton13 climbs in 2 sectors
Devil's Stairway111 climbs in 6 sectors
Dogwood Picnic Area42 climbs in 2 sectors
Elbow Fork28 climbs in 5 sectors
Introduction5 climbs
Ledgemere Picnic Area64 climbs in 8 sectors
Maxfield Ridge32 climbs in 4 sectors
Mineral Fork16 climbs in 3 sectors
Remnants of an Ancient Sea23 climbs in 4 sectors
Reservoir Ridge64 climbs in 3 sectors
Reynolds Gulch10 climbs in 1 sectors
Rock House Area20 climbs in 4 sectors
Stairs Basin79 climbs in 4 sectors
Stairs Bridge31 climbs in 5 sectors
Stairs Gulch23 climbs in 7 sectors
Stairs Talus48 climbs in 3 sectors
The S-Curve79 climbs in 3 sectors
Whipple Fork38 climbs in 6 sectors


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