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Hatcher Pass cover

Hatcher Pass

by Kelsey Gray

Reinventing the Nomad

The best (and only) extensive guidebook for Hatcher Pass, Alaska. This new guidebook was published in paperback in 2021. The app includes over 400 climbs within one of the best climbing areas in Alaska.

Sectors in alphabetical order:

Archangel Road Crags31 climbs in 2 sectors
Fairangel Valley Walls45 climbs in 7 sectors
General Information6 climbs
Independence Mine Area55 climbs in 5 sectors
Lower Lane Walls30 climbs in 2 sectors
Lower Reed Valley128 climbs in 13 sectors
Lower Webfoot Prospect73 climbs in 7 sectors
Snowbird Valley4 climbs in 1 sectors
Upper Lane Walls11 climbs in 4 sectors
Upper Reed Valley17 climbs in 4 sectors
Upper Webfoot Prospect31 climbs in 6 sectors


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