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Horse Pens 40 Bouldering cover

Horse Pens 40 Bouldering

by Adam Henry

Rockery Press

Sculpted by the ravages of time, Horse Pens 40 is home to acres of bulbous faces, blunt prows, delicate slabs, crimpy overhangs, and water grooves. The owners, Mike and Gina Schultz, are models for southern hospitality. Mike is one of the best storytellers you will ever meet, while Gina slings some of the meanest country cooking you will ever encounter. HP provides the maximum amount of problems for the least amount of effort. If you are in search of the double digit line, you might want to “go west young man,” because the area lacks the soft sends needed to pad the spraycard. With over 100+ lines from V3-V5 and the same amount from V6-V8, this is the moderate climbers dream come true. Horse Pens is the Fontainebleau of the South, without the arrogance and the stench. Either for a day, a week, or a season, your trip to HP will have you wanting of more. If the weather permits, this is as good as it gets.

Sectors in alphabetical order:

Deck Area32 climbs in 1 sectors
Front Area68 climbs in 3 sectors
General Information19 climbs
Hp Canyon14 climbs in 1 sectors
Mortal Combat Area27 climbs in 3 sectors
Point Boulders56 climbs in 5 sectors
Roadside Boulders81 climbs in 4 sectors
Slider Boulders23 climbs in 2 sectors
Spirit Area29 climbs in 2 sectors
Suspicion Boulders8 climbs in 2 sectors
The Middle66 climbs in 5 sectors
Turtle Rock Area92 climbs in 10 sectors
Washout Boulders14 climbs in 2 sectors


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