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Million Dollar Highway cover

Rotary Park

in Million Dollar Highway

by Jason Nelson

Visual Adventures

Rock Type: Cutler Formation Sandstone, Mudstone and Conglomerate Drive Time: 3...
[Full text available in guidebook]

photo of Rotary Park from Million Dollar Highway

Climbs in alphabetical order:

Against All Odds5.11d★★
American Impaler5.10c★★
Bavarian Fly Trap5.10a/b★★
BillyMac 5.95.10+★★★
Car Jacking5.5
Circular Semantics5.12c★★
Crib Midgets5.12c★★★
Crop Top5.10★★★
Dance of Breath5.11d★★
Dangling Participle5.10a★★
Death of a Salesman5.11c★★★
Dental Dam5.10★★
Division Bell5.9+
Eighth Grade Art Project5.12c/d★★★
Forever Feels Like Home5.9★★★
Forth-Rate Power5.12a★★
Habanero Suppository 5.12b★★★
Hazy Shade of Winter5.12c★★★★
Highway 550 Revisited5.11a/b★★
I Don't Even Need Pants for This5.9+
In the Air Tonight5.11c★★
Industrial Measures5.12a★★
Lap Route5.11c★★★
Left Handed Blunt5.4
No Parking5.11b
Pleasing the Masses5.12★★★
Pocket Full of Sunshine5.9★★★
Red Neck Wedgie5.12★★
Right Winged Red Neck5.10d★★
Route Hog5.11★★
San Juan Snake5.12★★
Scrunge Dunge5.11d
Seduction of Gravity5.10b★★★
Sesame Street5.4
Sesame Street Extension5.11★★
Stars that Lie to You5.3
Stars That Shine For You 5.11d
Tepid Hummus5.6★★
The Illusionist5.10+★★
The Leeping Boy5.12c★★
The Wright Facing Corner5.10
Thong Wedgie5.11a★★★
Toprope Climb5.5
Wrong Way Wright5.11d


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