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Old Baldy cover

Jamaican Wall Area

in Old Baldy

by Gus Alexandropoulos & Justin Dwyer

If It Bleeds We Can Kill It

Chris Oates is a movie connoisseur, and his route names often contained...
[Full text available in guidebook]

photo of Jamaican Wall Area from Old Baldy

Climbs in alphabetical order:

Air Jamaica5.12c★★★★
High Times5.11b★★
Impact Zone5.11c★★★★
Ira Mahn5.11c★★★★
Jello on a Spring5.10c★★★
Mahseeve Cool5.11a★★★★
Napoleon Complex5.12a★★★
Renaissance Man aka Master of None5.11c★★★★
Scary Bollocks5.9★★
Scripture Passage5.9
Scrotum Scrabble5.9
Solid Goldie5.11a★★★
Son of Moe5.7
Traverse Route5.10d★★


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