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Castlewood Canyon State Park cover

Castlewood Canyon State Park

by Mike Burdon

Castlewood Canyon's first ever comprehensive guidebook with photos! This guide contains over 600 routes at 32 different crags, including over 60 new routes and many that had long been forgotten.

Sectors in alphabetical order:

Allied Wall8 climbs
Anvil Tower4 climbs
Bouldering9 climbs in 4 sectors
Buoux Block7 climbs
C Section20 climbs
Canyon Point Parking2 climbs
Cave Wall Parking2 climbs
Corporate View Block9 climbs
Falls Parking1 climbs
Five and Dime Wall12 climbs
Gargoyle Wall13 climbs
Grocery Store Parking1 climbs
Grocery Store Walls76 climbs
Homestead Parking1 climbs
Honeycomb Spire13 climbs
Juggernaut Area20 climbs
Juniper Rock Parking1 climbs
Little Wall5 climbs
Morning Sun Wall19 climbs
Neanderthal Walls40 climbs
North Entrance Kiosk1 climbs
Porky’s Wall6 climbs
Sea World8 climbs
Secret City20 climbs
Shakespearean Theatre15 climbs
Sherwood Forest12 climbs
South Canyon Point23 climbs
Terminal Area8 climbs
The Cave Wall 13 climbs
The Corporate Walls9 climbs
The Dungeon22 climbs
The Falls Wall37 climbs
The Grotto11 climbs
The Playground28 climbs
The Projects 10 climbs
The Rat Cracks11 climbs
The Realm of the Venusian Love Goddess29 climbs
The Sun Caves6 climbs
The Vulture Walls19 climbs
Visitor's Center1 climbs
Wendell Spire29 climbs
Zoids22 climbs


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