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City of Rocks cover

City of Rocks

by Tony Calderone

Mountain Dreamer

Climbers from around the world have been praising the quality of climbing at Idaho's City of Rocks for years. The area has been heralded as one of North America's premier climbing venues. This geographically isolated region has also been shrouded in intrigue, mystery and controversy. Tony leaves no stone unturned in his straight-forward, tell-all approach to climbing here. The scope, depth and accuracy of his new digital guidebook is truly amazing.

942 routes make this the largest compilation of rock climbing topos every published to this area.

An awesome variety of highly featured faces, smooth slabs and intermittent cracks on superb quality granite offers something for everyone, whether beginner or expert. The unique high desert environment, bizarre-shaped rock formations, convenient camping, rich cultural history and fabulous climbing attracts visitors from around the globe. Tony's new City of Rocks guidebook is an unparalleled source of climbing information on this magnificent American treasure.

Sectors in alphabetical order:

Boxtop Trail89 climbs in 3 sectors
Circle Creek Road54 climbs in 4 sectors
City of Rocks Road215 climbs in 5 sectors
Emery Canyon Road96 climbs in 5 sectors
Flaming Rock Trail73 climbs in 3 sectors
Logger Springs Road4 climbs in 1 sectors
North Fork Trail55 climbs in 3 sectors
South Fork Trail200 climbs in 3 sectors
Tea Kettle Trail27 climbs in 5 sectors
Twin Sisters Road129 climbs in 5 sectors


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