Welcome rakkup beta testers!

Install rakkup beta

Welcome to the rakkup pre-release program! If your device is not registered with us using a special ID number, you won’t be able to run the pre-release app. In this case, follow the simple instructions found here: http://whatsmyudid.com/ and email your UDID to founders@rakkup.com

If you have completed that step and received a mail from us confirming that we’ve added your device to our beta program, then visit this page using a browser on your device and click the link above to get the latest beta version of rakkup installed onto your device.

After rakkup successfully installs enter your rakkup username and password on the settings tab. After logging in you should see the guidebooks we’ve made available to you. We recommend downloading guidebooks over a wifi connection if you do not want to impact your carrier data plan.

Climbing guides. Reinvented.
-Todd and Rob