Publish a rakkup guidebook

We’ve Got Your Business Covered

When you do a rakkup guide, rakkup handles payment and distribution. Our flexible system lets you pick a variety of offerings, accept many convenient forms of payment, and track your sales.

Focus on Content

Working with rakkup allows you to focus on what you do best: climbing new routes and creating rich content. As a local guide or expert, you know about route development, trail changes, closures, and conditions. We help you get that information to climbers fast and efficiently.

A Fair Price for Your Work

You deserve control over your product, and a fair price for your knowledge and hard work. You can set the price of your product in our marketplace. We offer sales revenue sharing with fewer middlemen than the print industry.

Get To Market Faster

When you make a rakkup guide, you can start by releasing something small and then keep adding directly to your customers’ mobile devices with a press of a button. We understand that it’s virtually impossible to get a guidebook 100% correct and complete from day one. With rakkup, you can deliver updates and corrections to your customers in minutes.

No Up-Front Cost

When you print a guidebook, you have to pay for your printing costs before you sell your first book, and you can’t change your content until all your inventory is sold. With rakkup, there are no costs other than your time to create the guide. There is also no speculating about what sales might be, and no expense tied up in pallets of print books.

Stay Organized

Using our web based authoring system as your content management system keeps you organized. There’s no software to buy or install. Your work is always backed up. Multiple authors can collaborate with you simultaneously on adding/updating content. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection.