Francis Beauvais

Climbing has been a motor in my life since I started in 2013. Initially because I was afraid of heights, and I was trying to get over it. Well climbing became a passion and a major part of my life.  It was a slow start, 6 quickdraws and lots of Youtube tutorials. But soon enough, it was part of my daily routine.  I’ve built up my experience through many climbing trips.  I guess I’ve been around, with trips to Central and South America, to Africa, to Europe and to Asia. I was always curious about different climbing styles, and I had a strong inner call for the wild.  Once I was confident in sport climbing, I started trad climbing. Quickly followed ice climbing, aid climbing, big wall, and finally bouldering. Finally for the art of the sport, route development outdoors.  I was always fascinated by the new lines that could be open at any crag and I was also looking for the finest way to go to the top.  Having a vision has always been part of my path and my motivation. Either for a route that I want to climb or a route that I wanted to develop. It’s all basically following my passion and my vision.

Thought my experience, I was lucky to meet lots of people and mentors who shared their vision and experience.  People from who I could learn a lot.  Today, I still embrace learning, be it from a climbing route or climbing partners. Basically, I try to push my limits through this path.

I had to opportunity to receive a lot from climbing community all over the years and route development is for me I way to give back and help extend my passion to new grounds and new areas.

I hope you enjoy the topo and feel free to write me any comments or suggestions.