Kotečnik Rock Climbing Guidebook

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Kotečnik Rock Climbing
by Boštjan Božič

Kotečnik is Slovenia's largest climbing area with 300+ single and multi-pitch climbs. With most of the walls hidden in the beech forest near the 3rd largest town Celje it offers a great spring to autumn nature refuge from the crowds. The crag is widely known and visited also by foreign climbers coming from all over the world to climb routes with difficulties ranging from 4b to 8c+.

The rock in Kotečnik is limestone in all shapes and forms, so visiting Kotečnik is a must for all-round climbers, even more because the walls come in variety of inclinations: slopes, smooth face vertical walls, overhangs and even roofs.

Kotečnik became of considerable importance to the international climbing community probably because the safety equipment has always been exceptionally well maintained throughout the years thanks to great efforts being invested from generations of local climbers. The vast majority of the climbs are equipped with glued bolts and anchors, so it is a sport climbers’ paradise.

The Kotečnik rakkup digital guide is made and published by local Boštjan Božič, who has been climbing the Kotečnik walls for almost two decades.

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Go to web preview to see the sectors and routes included in this guidebook.

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