Mexico: La Concepción Rock Climbing Guidebook

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La Concepción; Mexico's Premier Rhyolite Crack Climbing
by Simeon Heimowitz
Southern Exposure Professional Guide Service

This guidebook is the only fully comprehensive resource for La Concepción; Mexico's premiere destination for Rhyolite crack climbing. In addition to the up to date route information on all the "must do" five star classics this guide also highlights lesser known high quality routes within this stunning river valley. This rakkup guide is the only up to date resource available for climbers visiting this world class climbing area. A total of 15 walls and 133 climbs are included in this stand alone resource. La Concepción is a stunning Rhyolite canyon located a short distance from Aculco de Espinoza; a truly beautiful town located high in the mountains of Central Mexico. At 8,000 feet in elevation and 1,300 miles North of the Equator the climbing season is continuous at La Concepción throughout the year. If crack climbing is your passion be prepared to fall in love with this hidden gem of a climbing area.

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Go to web preview to see the sectors and routes included in this guidebook.

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