Oman: Bouldering Guidebook

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Oman: Bouldering
by Jamie Moss & Gary Goldfinger
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Boulders are everywhere in Oman. Every range of hills is criss-crossed by dry river canyons – wadis – and every wadi is littered with blocks of all sizes. Not all of them are good for climbing on though – some are too weathered, some are smooth and hold-less, and some are just too plain big. In this guide we’ve done the hard work for you – hand-picking over 400 of the best problems from around 100 of the best blocks in more than 20 venues around the country.
There are a couple of world-class bouldering venues in Oman – Damian’s Boulders in the Musandam Peninsula and Umq Bir aka ‘Valley of Giants’ to the south of Muscat. These are covered in full detail. Most of the described bouldering is in the Musandam and Muscat areas, although the guide also includes some brand new developments from Salalah in the far south. A wide range of problems are available (V0-V12), although most of the development has been in the low to mid grades so far.

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Go to web preview to see the sectors and routes included in this guidebook.

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