Powerlinez Rock Climbing Guidebook

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The Powerlinez: A Climber's Guide
by Norm Rasmussen & Matt Ratajczak
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Powerlinez Facebook Beta Shed

Powerlinez rock climbing opened for climbing in May of 2013 thanks to the efforts of the Torne Valley Climbers' Coalition. The Powerlinez is located on the SE side of Torne Mountain in the Southern portion of Harriman State Park in New York. This guidebook is the second guide to come out for the area and accounts for the explosion of development that happened soon after the area opened for climbing.

Even though it is located in a state park, there is no fee associated with climbing at the Powerlinez. You do need to fill out a waiver, however. Please be sure you fill out a yearly waiver that is available at The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gyms (Upper Saddle River or Chatham) or Rock and Snow .

Since the area is still under development, be sure to always check for updates here on rakkup. Be sure to join the Facebook group Powerlinez - Beta Shed for development discussion and to find partners. If there is no route where you think there should be one - try and develop it! Just note all new climbs must go through the above mentioned Facebook Group or email me at Norman dot Rasmussen at me.com

The rock at the Powerlinez is characterized as sharp and gritty gneiss. Many of the holds can be sharp as razors, so be sure to tape up for any crack climbs. The top outs are notoriously heart-pounding and heady. Always packed with slopers that just don't feel confident, topping out is a head game to overcome at the Powerlinez. Omicron Crack (V3) or Shots Fired (5.12) are classic examples.

Much of the area's less popular walls are either short rope walls or high-ball boulder problems. Pick your poison.

In the mean time, get your waiver signed, be safe and have fun! Let's take advantage of this awesome area close to home and preserve the area as it's meant to be!

We keep adding climbs and there are still so many to go! We have packed more than enough for you to wet your chapped lips at the Powerlinez! Currently there are 140 climbing routes (5 Sport, 91 Trad and 44 Top Rope) along with 229 Boulder problems. And we've only scratched the surface!

The number of stellar walls have been too many to list here, but some highlights include:

- The obvious and very popular Tower Wall
- The sporty Good Book Wall
- The multi-route behemoth, The Immelman
- Bouldering training ground, Rock Dojo
- And so much more... new climbs are being developed and added constantly.

Stay tuned - we hope this Spring is full of newly developed climbs and all new sends! Get after it!

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Go to web preview to see the sectors and routes included in this guidebook.

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