Rifle Rock Climbing Guidebook

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Rifle Mountain Park
Wolverine Publishing
by Dave Pegg

Rifle is one of the world’s best sport-climbing areas. The canyon’s limestone cliffs have more than 400 established rock climbs, including some of most difficult in America. Climbers from all over the world climb here to challenge themselves on the steep, gymnastic testpieces. But Rifle climbing is much more than a crucible for hard men; it also has many great easier climbs, suitable for novice and intermediate climbers. The easy, roadside access, park-like atmosphere, and beautiful surroundings make it a uniquely kid- and family-friendly destination. This Rifle rock climbing guidebook provides comprehensive coverage to the world-class sport climbing of Rifle Mountain Park. In fact it is more up to date than the printed guidebook, because before he passed away, Dave diligently updated this rakkup guidebook even just days after he went to print. We dedicate this guidebook to our friend Dave Pegg who was one of the first to believe in our dream. We miss you Dave.

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Go to web preview to see the sectors and routes included in this guidebook.

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