inDesign Document Style Requirements

Important:  Do not reuse styles that represent the unique text parts below in other areas of the inDesign document. E.G. If a table of the best climbs is desired, do not reuse the same style for climb names in the “best” table as used for climb names where the routes are listed. If the same style is desired, make a duplicate that has the same style characteristics, but a different style name.

In order to take advantage of our XML Import tools to export text out of an inDesign document and into the rakkup authoring database use the following style requirements. If your inDesign document is styled according to these requirements, it will save you double text data entry. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wall or Boulder Text Style Requirements

-Parent Wall Names -> parent wall name paragraph style (this should be a unique style for every level of parent wall)

-Sub Wall Names -> sub-wall name paragraph style

-Wall descriptions -> wall description paragraph style (can be the same style for parent & sub-wall descriptions)

-Wall Approach descriptions -> wall approach description paragraph style

-Wall conditions descriptions -> wall conditions description paragraph style

-Wall latitude & longitude -> wall lat/long paragraph and/or character style

-Wall hiking approach time -> wall hiking approach paragraph and/or character style

-Wall sun start time, sun end time -> sun start, sun end character style

Climb or Problem Text Style Requirements

-Climb name -> unique climb name paragraph style for each climb type.  E.G. Trad, Sport, Boulder, Top Rope

-Climb description -> climb description paragraph style

-Book ID -> book ID character style (book IDs are the number assigned to climbs in the print guide.  It’s ok to use auto-numbering, we will turn auto-numbering off though when we map styles to tags.)

-Grade -> grade character style

-Quality ->  we count the number of stars and we suggest you use to represent your stars

-Climb Height -> route length character style

-First Ascent -> FA paragraph style

-Fixed Gear ->  this is number of bolts and anchors if any.  bolts and anchor character style

Pitch Text Style Requirements

-Pitch number character style

-Pitch grade character style

-Pitch height character style

-Pitch fixed gear character style

-Pitch rack character style

-Pitch description paragraph style