Navigation, turn by turn

Unlike many other mobile apps, rakkup guides you with an easy-to-follow arrow and moving map. We’ve combined GPS navigation and our own route-finding engine with information about every climb and trail, resulting in true turn-by-turn navigation to your desired climb. If you’ve ever been frustrated by getting lost on the way to a climb or trying to find where a route starts, only to find someone queued up in front of you when you finally arrive, you need to try rakkup.


How does it work?

  1. Select your desired climb. You can browse from a list view, use our innovative Trail Map feature, or use our powerful searching and filtering options.
  2. Once you’ve selected your climb, hit Go! and rakkup will take you there, turn by turn. The app will always calculate the shortest trail distance to your destination.
  3. Navigate to the next climb the same way, or zoom the trail map or sector list to see nearby climbs.

Start by selecting your climb, using the trail map, search/filter, or browse.

From an individual route description, hit Go! to start trail navigation.

You can also hit Go! to start navigation from a sector description (like this one).

Turn-by-turn navigation provides descriptions and trail map position that you can zoom.