rakkup Smith Rock 2012 guide for iPhone

We are pleased to announce rakkup for the iPhone, the first and only mobile climbing guide that navigates you along the best approach through the trail system to your climb, turn by turn.
  No other smartphone application does this. Just follow the rakkup arrow to your climb and spend more time enjoying climbing, and less time finding your climb! The rakkup iPhone application is available now, free from the iTunes app store and comes pre-loaded with a sample guidebook.  To buy the full Smith Rock Guidebook to over 600 climbs at Smith Rock, visit our rakkup Guidebooks section here on our website.  We are offering a limited time introductory subscription price of $4.99 per year.  This won’t last long so get it while you can! Watch this website for exciting announcements of additional guidebooks coming in 2012.

After you purchase your Smith Rock subscription, the guidebook will download to the bookshelf in the rakkup application, and can be opened with a single tap.  Once you have downloaded the guide, no further Internet or cellular access is required. Using just the data already on your iPhone, you can zoom and pan through the trail map and tap any climb location to view photos and navigate to the climb you want…


…or select your desired climb from a list view.  You can organize climbs by name, grade, or wall. With just a couple of taps, quickly browse and locate any climb.  Once you’ve selected your climb hit Go!, and rakkup will take you there, turn by turn.











Navigating with rakkup is much more than just looking at dots on a map. Only rakkup steers you precisely down the right trails and turns with an easy-to-follow arrow and a moving map view.  Other guidebooks just give you a short textual description of an approach, or show you a blue dot on a map with no information about canyons, dead-ends, or trail quality. In rakkup, we’ve combined state-of-the-art GPS navigation programming with extensive data about every climb and trail.  

Each rakkup guidebook includes a detailed map of the entire trail system. The app instantly and continuously calculates the best route from your current position to your climb, even taking into account fourth- and fifth-class approach options, and gives you turn-by-turn guidance.  A compass with an arrow and a moving map always tell you where to go and keep you on track.







Once you’re at the base of your climb rakkup confirms you have arrived and shows you a color picture indicating exactly where your chosen climb begins. It’s time to rakkup!