Stu Smith

 Stu Smith is a Canadian rock climber based out of the granite paradise of Squamish BC Canada, and with multiple winters spent in the state, he considers New Mexico one of his favourite areas to climb. Upon graduating high school in 2007 Stu moved to Squamish living in his van, working as little as possible and climbing as much as he could. For the next 15 years spending spring, summer and falls in Squamish and parts of the winters in southern USA. A passionate new router with an equal love for both traditional and sport climbing a few of his accomplishments include; Cobra crack 5.14b, 2nd ascents of the multipitch routes The Prow wall 5.14a and The Power of Yesterday 5.13c, first ascents of EMUBIGS 5.13+R and Lost Art Of Trash Talk 5.13+.