It’s been a busy Spring here at rakkup. We took some extra time in January to improve this website and get it commerce-ready, and put the infrastructure in place (both here and in our iPhone application) for the new rakkup guidebook store. We polished and improved our iPhone app, and tested and tested at Smith Rock State Park until the navigation experience was a joy to use. Finally, we debugged and debugged until the app was solid and robust.

That’s not to say we didn’t find time for some snowboarding, and even some pitches to inaugurate climbing season. Afer all, the Outdoor Geeks spirit has to stay vibrant. We’re proud of our progress though and excited to share some awesome announcements with you in May. Stay tuned to this space, or join us at Spring Thing on May 5th. That’s the volunteer event at Smith Rock where the community works together to maintain and improve the park. Hope to see you there!