Matt Ratajczak – Powerlinez Rock Climbing and Bouldering

Powerlinez Rock Climbing & Bouldering Author Matt Ratajczak

Powerlinez Rock Climbing & Bouldering Author Matt Ratajczak

Matt Ratajczak was born and raised in the suburbs of northern New Jersey and began rock climbing at the age of 19 in 2008. He started his outdoor climbing career at the Powerlinez before access was revoked in 2011 when the Torne Valley changed landowners.  During the one year hiatus, Matt explored his local forests and established about two dozen new boulder problems throughout northern New Jersey and Rockland County, NY.  When the Powerlinez reopened in 2012, he continued to develop challenging problems on already established boulders and pushed further into the Torne Valley looking for new boulders to climb.  In the past two years, Matt has put up over 20 first ascents and just as many second ascents at the Powerlinez ranging from V0 to V9.  You can check out his numerous bouldering video volumes on his youtube page.

Matt on Honk If You're Burly Sit (V9)

Matt on Honk If You’re Burly Sit (V9)

Matt currently works 10 minutes away from the Powerlinez at the Gravity Vault in Upper Saddle River, NJ.  He is a full time route setter and a coach for their youth competitive climbing team.  Matt was also the founder and president of the Ramapo College Rock Climbing Club/Team.  When he isn’t setting routes or coaching at the gym, you can typically find him projecting something ridiculous or circuiting the classics at the Powerlinez.

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