rakkup-nrg-combined-cover 640We’re proud to announce the release of New River Gorge Volumes 1 & 2 by Mike Williams, published by Wolverine Publishing. Mikey did a nice post about his guides and rakkup here and nailed just how we feel about the importance of both print and digital climbing guidebooks.

These New River Gorge books are the largest guides we’ve released to date.  To get ready to show off all of Mikey’s great content we had to add a bunch of new features to rakkup this winter.

It became obvious as soon as we started this project that the rakkup of 2013 just wouldn’t do to properly showcase NRG. Endless Wall alone has over 500 climbs, bigger than lots of entire guidebooks! We had to add the ability to move up and down easily through a book’s “sectors”  so a climber could easily browse the Endless Wall’s many sub-walls.  We also added  histograms to every wall, great charts that help you tell at a glance whether an area has trad, sport or bouldering in the difficulty range you’re looking for.  In order to enable a climber to find the best routes from among over 1800 climbs, we added super fast searching and filtering.  It now takes literally one second and a few taps to identify the two four star 5.8 sport climbs that are in the shade at NRG using rakkup’s new filter features, and see them on a map as well as in a sorted list.  (Hint:  They’re both at Bubba City.)

One more second, tap the “Go” button, and rakkup navigates you to those two sweet climbs, turn by turn.  Best of all, every time you get a guide update icon (a small cloud) next to your NRG guide, you know that you’re a tap away from getting more great content from a trusted professional and Outdoor Research sponsored athlete, Mike Williams.

Thanks Mike and Wolverine Publishing. You guys helped us demonstrate what we mean when we call rakkup “Climbing guides, reinvented.”