Backcountry Skiing: Colorado Light Tours Guidebook

Backcountry Skiing: Light Tours of Colorado
Lou Dawson | Wild Snow
Colorado Avalanche Center
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It is said Colorado has 300 sunny days a year. Combine that with several thousand mountains, and a winter climate that's downright temperate. The result: one of the best places on the planet for ski touring. Of course nothing is perfect. Colorado challenges backcountry skiers with limited public access options, due in part to it being a mostly rural, relatively un-roaded western state. More importantly, due to various climatic factors the state's mountains can be prone to dangerous avalanches for much of every winter. Yet options exist. Key with backcountry travel is picking routes with lower angle pitches and other avalanche-mitigating factors. While these "light tours" are surprisingly difficult to find, they do exist. We detail a selection of Colorado lends itself to this as well, with most of the state's more than twenty ski resorts allowing uphill skiing. Thus, we offer a special mix here, combining a variety of "easy" backcountry routes with recommended resort options. Pick one of our many days of Colorado sunshine, get out and enjoy.

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