Backcountry Skiing: Tahoe California Light Tours Guidebook

Backcountry Skiing: Light Tours of Tahoe California
by Richard Bothwell
Sierra Avalanche Center
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Skiing is the greatest sport in the world. At least so in my biased opinion. It’s not just that I’ve yet to find an activity that matches the physical sensations of speed, air and three dimensional movement that skiing provides, but because it’s a lifetime journey of learning, challenge and novelty. But skiing isn’t a linear progression. Even as a professional, seeking only steeper and deeper isn’t a sustainable path. Whether it’s elevated avalanche danger or introducing others to the beauty of backcountry skiing; low angle, minimal exposure, mellow backcountry tours are an important arrow in your quiver of being in the backcountry. What Richard Bothwell provides in this book, is a quintessential guide to the areas and lines that open up everyone’s possibilities from beginners seeking a new skiing experience to professionals dodging avalanche hazards and terrain. Key reminders of slope angle, overhead hazard, access and approach information help plan your day in a holistic way. It’s a guidebook I’ve learned from and will use in helping select a day where I want to get my son out for his first backcountry ski day or when a legendary blizzard rolls through the Sierra but I still want to glide on snow.
Because that’s the beauty of skiing - there is joy in every aspect of it. From pushing your perceived limits, to gliding among the beauty of Tahoe’s crystal blue lakes and old growth pines, there is something to enjoy in every day of skiing and snowboarding.

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